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Chevrolet Captiva is a leading SUV in the Indian car market. It carries a bold and sophisticated look with tall appearance, roof rails, plastic side mouldings, satin silver bumpers, 6-spoke alloy wheels, bold wheel arches, tubeless tyres, prism type headlamps, chrome door handles, and LED type turn signal lamps.

The bold and elegant look of the Captiva is carried in the interiors as well with a host of features including the In addition, the interior of the car is adorned with a host of features including flexi-seating, sporty instrument cluster, and steering mounted audio controls.

Though the Chevrolet Captiva is a big success in India, General Motors felt the need to introduce the automatic version of the car. This is mainly because now the car market is becoming more competitive and buyers are preferring automatic and easy controls for driving and handling cars.

Here are the top 5 features of the Chevrolet Captiva Automatic:

Adaptive All-Wheel drive

The adaptive all-wheel drive in the Captiva Automatic allows the torque of the engine to be re-directed to individual axles in accordance to the driving conditions. All-wheel drive systems are designed to function on different road surfaces including off-roads. The best system will exactly distribute the right amount of torque to individual wheel and prevent slipping, thereby improving traction.

Automatic Transmission

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It comes with an intelligent automatic transmission system that automatically changes the gears according to the road conditions, driving conditions, and even the driver’s input. A car that is equipped with an automatic transmission does not have clutch pedal and the gear shift, every gear related activity is performed automatically. The transmission is connected to the car’s engine that runs at a specified RPM (revolutions per minute). The automatic transmission gives power to individual wheels by automatically using various gears and also operate car engine within its optimum RPM range. This kind of transmission system is a choice of many because it has smooth shifting capabilities and provides a jerk-free ride.

VCDi Diesel Engine

This is the new generation variable geometry common rail direct injection diesel engine that generates a power output of 149 bhp and 320 NM of torque. Common rail direct engine is an advanced fuel injection system that uses a common tube for injecting pressurized fuel directly into the engine and the variable geometry turbochargers linked to it helps improve performance and fuel economy. Variable geometry turbochargers have flexible vanes that permit increased amount of air entering the engine.

5+2 Flexible Seating

Chevrolet Captiva Automatic has a spacious cabin with the innovative 5+2 flexi seating configuration that gives more space and comfortable seating especially when going for a picnic. These multi-functional seats are really attractive and can be folded as per the requirement.

Descent Control System

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The Captiva Automatic is equipped with the descent control system that helps regulate downhill speed and regulates the movement without even touching the brake pedal. This feature can be activated when the car moves downhill to automatic control the speed by providing required amount of braking power to each wheel. However, drivers can use accelerator of brake to vary the speed. This ensures a smooth and controlled steering and driving.